Class of 2030: Welcome to Junior High!

  • Class of 2030

    New Seventh Graders for the 2024-2025 School Year

    Welcome to the Junior High!

    BOOT Camp (7th Grade Orientation)
    is Wednesday, August 14, 2024

    Click here to volunteer for BOOT Camp
    Opens May 1st


    Due Monday, May 13, 2024


    Performing Arts Information to help you decide whether Band or Choir is  the right fit for your child. 


    Band Information

    Seventh Grade Junior High Band

    In 7th grade, band students meet every day in like-instrument classes (Flute/Oboe class, Horn class, Low Brass class, etc.)  Since we start band later than most other schools, this  specific ,  targeted  instruction allows  students to  gain  skills rapidly to catch  up with  their peers.

    Students perform at least 4 times throughout the year at TCA and also  an off-campus band festival. As each performance approaches, students gather for 2 mass rehearsals held after school to put all the sections of the band together.

    “The music becomes you, and you become the music.” – TCA student

    Practice is necessary for the acquisition of any new skill. Junior High band students document their practice outside of class at least 4  times per  week for 10 – 15  minutes as part of  their grade. 

    Students interested in learning an instrument in 7th grade must complete the instrument selection process (no obligation) May 9-11.  Please  click here or visit  ( )



    Choir Information


    Vocal Music Program

    TCA’s Vocal Music program is focused on developing the skills and disciplined habits needed to create beautiful and worthy music while building community and caring relationships.  We take a comprehensive approach to the study of music.  On a typical day in 7th Grade Choir, students learn the basics of vocal technique, practice fun ways to read music notation, grow in musicianship and aural skills, and enjoy time singing great music with other choir members. 


    7th Grade Choir classes meet 2 to 3 times per week with study hall on the alternate days.  Classes will be split by voice part to help give more individualized attention to harmony parts and changing adolescent voices.  Choral repertoire consists of varied styles of music which are presented at winter and spring performances.  Prior to concert days, small classes combine into larger ensembles for the final stages of repertoire preparation.






    Questions? Email Mr. Di Pretore, the Junior High Principal