• Cap The Year: May 2024 Giving Challenge 

    We're celebrating the accomplishments of the 2023-24 school year. (Scroll down to read what our donors are celebrating!) 

    All donations given to TCA's Annual Fund through June 7 will be matched, up to $44,000. The Annual Fund supports our teachers and preserves our small class sizes by supplying returning staff bonuses. 

    Give to the Cap the Year Challenge below. If you would like to designate your gift to a different fund during this challenge, please contact Lindy Keffer, TCA Advancement, at 719-488-6213 or lkeffer@asd20.org.

  • Celebration Time!

    Here are the tributes our Cap the Year Donors have included with their gifts to TCA: 

    • We're honoring our Jr. High Administration - they are such a blessing! So happy they are part of the TCA family - certainly individuals to celebrate. We will miss them - with Kenzie going into high school. - Beth

    • My two Granddaughters, Rowen and Willow. They are thriving at TCA! - Deborah

    • In honor of Isaiah for fundraising for St. Jude's Children's Hospital, and for such a great year he had in academics and music! - Manny

    • Granddaughter Jenna, a fine drum major and grandson Grant, a fine student athlete. - Kenneth

    • Our kindergarten papa for being kind and caring towards all kids in her class; the love and respect between teacher and kids is clear. Our second grade teacher for her patience & commitment to making sure all the kids excel.

    • My children having amazing years of learning with fabulous teachers and staff at TCA!! - Lucas

    • Grateful for our wonderful school and the teachers and staff who give so much of themselves each school year. - James

    • Ellery, for navigating crutches for over two months.- Debi

    • Our daughter Peyton, enjoying her time with an amazing first grade teacher. - Brian

    • Our 4th grade and Kindergarten teachers - Sarah

    • Celebrating our grandchildren, Ryder and Wyatt - Joan

    • Celebrating our son Brock - Brent

    • Celebrating our granddaughter Victoria - Richard

    • Our daughter leaves elementary Titan strong and is excited to be a rising 7th grader - Michelle

    •  Celebrating our granddaughter Hannah and our grandson Nathan and the teaching they are receiving through TCA - Stephen

    • In honor of all the teachers and staff who have supported our family and the TCA community this year - Aaron

    • Our son Maverick - Ryan

    • Our kindergarten teacher and para for a wonderful year of kindergarten! - Nathan

    • Another great year for our grandchildren Sloane and Luca - Susan

    • Celebrating Jackson's successful completion of 4th grade and Declan's acceptance to kindergarten! - Michelle

    • Happy birthday Caragynn! We are celebrating your may birthday and all your accomplishments this year. Nana and Papa love you!

    • To all those at TCA who have done such a wonderful job nurturing our grandchildren. Thank you! - Dale and Doris

    • It is remarkable how a math teacher can make his challenging and demanding math class a favorite for both of my daughters! Equally astonishing is how our art teachers can draw so much beautiful artwork from all the kids! - Alan

    • Celebrating a great year for Brady and Nathan - Grandma and Grandpa

    • Honoring grandson Ethan - Ronald

    • Congratulations Tyler and Austin on a successful school year! - Lynn

    • Celebrating Grady and Polly completing 6th grade - Loren

    • Celebrating my lovely granddaughter Alexis as she graduates from TCA this year. Congratulations, Alexis! I love you, Mimi

    • Celebrating our 5th grade teacher. She has attended countless recitals, dance competitions, and sporting events this year, cheering her students on! She has encouraged and celebrated her students inside and outside the classroom. - Jason

    • In honor of my three grandchildren, Arabella, Micah, and Elijah for all their hard work and accomplishments - Joanne

    • My grandson's kindergarten year at TCA - Arlene

    • As grandparents of five in your schools, we are so grateful to your teaching staff - Renee

    • Allison and Madison: Great job, girls! So happy you love your school and are doing wonderful. - Joanne